September 12, 2011


Grr.  I had this whole long post going, and Blogger ate it.  Sigh.

So goes.  Take two!
Whew, its been awhile since I've written!  The chaos of school has been taken to an entirely new level this year with Andrew starting Kindergarten!  Normally the school year brings lots of busy days/weeks, but now there's Andrew's school schedule to consider as well.  I am loving my mornings alone with him.  We have this nice little routine all carved out, and it works for us.  He still cries when I drop him off at school, and he begs me to walk him in, but its getting better.  He's fine as soon as he gets inside the doors, so its all good.  The teachers and administration clearly love him and look forward to seeing him every day when I drop him off, and that makes me feel good. :)  The one area I'm struggling is with homework!  I am SO not used to him having homework.  I'm used to coming home and being able to just play with my kids for the two or three hours we have before the nightmare that is the bath/bedtime routine.  I've caught myself not remembering homework until maybe 10 minutes before leaving in the morning.  Not good!  I'm trying to get better.

Andrew is amazing me with the stuff he's learning and talking about.  He's reading so well...The other day he was telling me all about the states of matter (you know...solids, liquids, gases).  I was in shock.  I don't think we learned that stuff in kindergarten!  Anyway,  school has been so good for him.  He has great friends and is obviously on track academically.  He still needs to talk less in class (duh -- could've seen that coming a mile away), but overall he's just a normal, healthy, 5-year old boy.
This week we are on Fall Break.  I know, it seems early for Fall Break, doesn't it?  We started on August 1, though, so this is six weeks in, so its time for a break!  Today Chris' mom and stepdad came in for a quick visit.  (They are leaving early in the morning, flying to Guatemala for a three-week mission trip.)  Andrew & Hannah have been having a BLAST playing with them.  When they arrived, I tried to ask Jane a couple of questions, but Andrew cut me off, saying "Mommy, stop!  She's MY Mamaw, not yours!" and he has completely monopolized her time ever since.  At this moment, she is upstairs reading him a bedtime story or trying to persuade him to go to bed.  I love it when the grandparents come to visit.
Other than the normal chaos of everyday life, nothing too exciting is going on here!  What's going on in your part of the universe?

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