April 7, 2012


Good grief, I just realized its been over two months since I blogged.  CRAZY.  I have very good intentions...I do...but life has this crazy way of going way too fast and leaving me with not too much time to do the things I want and need to do.  Basically, I live in "survival mode" most of the time.

Anyway.  Lots of news!  Andrew was recommended for gifted testing at school!  It would be so great if he could get into the gifted program, since that opens up a lot of opportunities and keeps him in more challenging classes, which would be very good for him.  When he was tested, however, he was being very silly, so I won't be surprised if it doesn't happen this year.  And its no big deal if he doesn't get in this year.  He can be tested again in second grade.  Of course, he may just not qualify for gifted classes, and THAT'S OKAY.  I don't want to pressure him, but of course I want the best for him.  I look forward to getting the results to see if he qualifies for gifted education.  He still loves Star Wars, but also appreciates a good superhero or two.  Iron Man is the current favorite.  Transformers are a hit as well.  He is ALL BOY.
Hannah has had a verbal explosion and talks ALL.THE.TIME now.  If I thought Andrew talked a lot, I had no idea what was coming!  This girl can TALK.  She starts most of her sentences with "please," which can be very funny.  She can operate the XBOX, Wii, and iTouch like nobody's business and she has to help me figure it out most of the time.  She will only wear dresses unless we absolutely forbid it, and that girl loves her some shoes.  She has more shoes than I do, I believe.  The Disney princesses and Strawberry Shortcake are her best friends these days.  She loves to dress up and wear her tiara as often as she can.
Chris is doing an AMAZING job with his online business.  We loaded up a truck full of his inventory (mostly video games, but also some DVDs, computer equipment, etc.) and went down to the city-wide yard sale that happens twice a year, and we made nearly $900!  Awesome.  He has a thriving little business and its perfect for working with his stay-at-home dad schedule.  We're looking towards him going back to work full-time next year.
As far as next year, I assume I will still be teaching school, Andrew will go to 1st grade, and Hannah will enroll in the lottery-funded pre-K program at a daycare that's basically in my school's front yard.  Andrew will ride the bus to my school in the afternoons and after we get out, we'll go pick up Hannah from pre-K and head home.  Ideally, this will run smoothly and everyone will be happy. :)
So that's what's been happening in my house...If anyone out there is still checking in, I'd love to know what's up with you!

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