February 3, 2013

Life goes on...

Whew! Lots of stress around here lately...First, our septic system started having major problems and it cost us around $800+ to get the pump replaced. Then, our Camry started driving really crazy...got it checked out, and sure enough, that was another $800 repair (but worth it to fix!). A few days after that, we got hit with some major rainstorms and our roof started leaking. Awesome. They say things happen in threes, so I'm hoping that's it for now. I'm so grateful for a good job so we can handle little (big) things like this. Its definitely not easy, but I have been able to pick up a couple of tutoring jobs for extra money and Chris' business is going well overall, so we're okay.

Some bad news came along late last week and I've been worrying over it for awhile, so I might as well talk about it. My stepmom Linda was diagnosed around a year ago with bile duct cancer...there's a tumor about the size of a hen egg in her liver. It was spotted during an echocardiogram of all things. So who knows if it ever would have been found if she hadn't been having those random heart palpitations? Anyway, after a year of chemo and embolization treatments, the latest scan shows that the tumor, which was 1.5" originally, is now 2". Not only has it NOT shrunk...the thing has grown. Ugh. I freaking hate cancer. They will be doing another MRI tomorrow and so far, I think the plan is to start the cyberknife treatments at double the dosage to see if there is any effect. Praying and praying for her total healing.

Andrew and Hannah spent the weekend sick. :( Andrew has been running a mild fever (like, no more than 100.5, but enough to just make him feel crummy), and Hannah was up all night Friday night vomiting. She has been fine since Saturday morning @4 am, but today has had some different tummy issues. Poor babies. Chris is not feeling too well either.

Despite all this (and yeah, this post has become quite the downer, huh?), God is so good to us and I feel so very blessed. My kids and husband make me laugh every day. My job is enjoyable 90% of the time, and I have a (messy, chaotic) house to come home to. I am spoiled and don't deserve any of it, so I'll just say THANK YOU GOD and keep on doing what He has put me here to do. :)

January 12, 2013

My Hannah Girl

My kids are killing me. In a good way! Every day they are saying or doing something that just makes me laugh and laugh...Today, though, I must write about my Hannah. Yesterday, Hannah and Andrew were playing together so well. No fighting, no fussing, nothing. Hannah made the comment that she wanted to marry Andrew when she grew up, and when Chris told her that couldn't happen, she got so sad! She seriously cried as if her heart was broken. It was so sad, but so very funny. I felt bad laughing when she was obviously so upset, but seriously. It was hilarious.

Hannah has become quite the love bug lately, too. She loves to hold hands, hug, and especially kiss! When we are walking into her school in the mornings, or anywhere, really, she will hold my hand and kiss it all the way. When she gives hugs, they are full throttle, bear hugs. It's precious and wonderful, and I am trying to remember every minute because these moments will disappear far too quickly.
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