July 29, 2011


*Disclaimer:  If you can't handle the brutal truth about those "bad mommy moments" that we all have (whether we admit it or not) and are going to judge me for the perhaps too-honest things I might say in this post, you might not want to keep reading.  I have GOT to vent some negative feelings somewhere, and this is my blog, so I can say what I want.  Don't like it?  Don't keep reading.  'Nuff said...You have been warned.

It has been one.of.those.days.  Not sure if its the 11 hr days that are getting to me, the constant fighting/crying since the kids got home yesterday, or just the fact that school is starting and the stress is at maximum level, but I am in one helluva mood.  I am so tired.  Sick AND tired.

*I'm tired of the kids' bedtime routine taking nearly two hours.
*I'm tired of my house constantly smelling like sh!t because I have six cats, one of who refuses to crap in the litter box, and one who refuses to cover its crap when it *does* use the litter box.
*I'm tired of picking sh!t up off the floor four times a day because of aforementioned cat who refuses to take a dump in the litter box.
*I'm tired of my floors being constantly covered in a layer of Georgia clay, no matter how often I sweep and mop.
*I'm tired of my feet being caked in dirt because of the Georgia clay that gets tracked in by anyone and everyone (but mostly I blame the dogs).
*I'm tired of my bed sheets being a brown color because of my dirty feet.
*I'm tired of picking up 2,485 toys every night because Hannah simply MUST have every.single.toy out in order to play with anything.
*I'm tired of losing my temper and yelling at Hannah every.single.night because she refuses to just go the eff to sleep!  
*I'm tired of my husband sleeping in the guest room every night because the Doberman insists on sleeping beside me and I'm too much of a wimp to kick her out of the bed.  (Plus, I snore, so...)
*I'm tired of feeling like the worst mommy in the world.
I have a feeling this is something my kids will make for me one day...

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Heather Dilbeck said...

Nope Anna! You're perfectly normal. You just have a place to "voice" your stress. We all through it. I'm home for all of like 5 hours a day on the days I don't have to go work. Pretty soon I won't see my son at all except to drop him off at school, Sundays, and the occasional Saturday when I don't have to work. HUGS!! I know how you feel!

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