July 30, 2011

Sigh...It gets better, right??

What a day.  After yesterday's meltdown, I went to bed @ 10 pm, hoping for a good night's sleep.  Not happening.  I woke up about an hour after turning out the light and commenced vomiting like I haven't vomited in a long, long time.  Fun.  Then the diarrhea hit.  Awesome.  It finally slacked off @ 2 am, but then I was so drained and crampy that I just couldn't rest.  Chris woke up around 6:30 am and I fell asleep then.  I woke up at 8:30 and was feeling better.  I ate some crackers and immediately felt nauseous again.  We had to go run some errands, and I made it through all that, thank God.  I ate some chicken noodle soup when we got home, and that did NOT go well.  I've been back in the bathroom ever since.  Ugh.

The kids have been whiny and fighting like crazy, too.  I'm sure that the nails-on-a-chalkboard sound of Andrew and Hannah both screaming and crying all day has not helped with my stomach's attempt to recover.  The sibling rivalry is killing me, y'all.  I have a book (somewhere) called Siblings Without Rivalry.  The title makes me laugh, but I am considering finding it and giving it a chance.  Can't make it any worse, right?  I mean, seriously...Intellectually, I know that these days will pass far too quickly and I should enjoy every minute with them while they are young and still *want* their mama.  I can't help but think there's something to be said for an older child who can wipe their own butt, get their own dinner/snack/drink, and entertain themselves for more than 5 minutes.  Sigh.  I've been having a few really negative days lately, and I seriously need to get a proper perspective back.

As I try to do that, let me share a really funny story.  Andrew and I were waiting to get his replacement glasses (remember how I broke a pair of his glasses the FIRST DAY we had them?) and as we were waiting, he started telling me he didn't really want the second pair.  He insisted he was never going to need the second pair so we should just save them for Hannah's babies.  I asked him exactly when these babies were going to be born...I mean, the girl is only three years old.  It is far too soon (and does really bad things to my heart and stomach) to talk about Hannah having babies.  Anyway, he said it would be a long time, but she was going to have two children.  One would be a boy named Friend Avery.  (Andrew has two Averys in his life.  One is a girl, his cousin, and one is a boy, his BFF.  He calls them Friend Avery and Cousin Avery so we can tell them apart.  Apparently Hannah's first son should be named after Andrew's BFF.)  The next child, he tells me, will be a girl named Brownie Girl.  (We have a kitten named Brownie, who is a boy.  Apparently it will be very important to name this baby girl Brownie Girl so we can distinguish the baby from the kitten.)

It amazes me how his little mind works.  I love having these little talks with him, and moments like those kinda sorta make all the chaos and headache worthwhile.


Sweet Coalminer said...

Yeah, I know how that goes. Sorry you feel like crap. Get some rest. The rest of it will still be there next weekend. Part of my old age has been learning to just let things go. Things I REALLY needed to do. So much of our lives right now is just firefighting - it's a miracle if something gets done before it ABSOLUTELY has to.

Siblings Without Rivalry is helpful. Really. Re-read it. It does cut down on the fighting to implement those simple things, even though Hannah is still so young.

((Hugs)). I know you're stressed. I feel you. This won't last forever. Scream. Drink. Zumba.

Anna said...

Thanks, Sweet! I just love you!!

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