May 3, 2011

Animal House

 Yep, our house has officially become an animal house.  Not in that "toga! toga!" kind of way, but animal house.  We now have TEN - count 'em - TEN pets.  Nine of them live indoors.  My house may never be clean again.

We already had one dog (Rosie), three cats (Kitty B, Buddy, and Maggie), and five new kittens (Maggie's babies, now three weeks old).  Last weekend, however, we brought home a sweet, gentle, 2-yr old Doberman named Ruby.  She is still a bit shy, but she's getting used to us.  She has all her AKC papers so she's an "official" purebred.  We're playing around with the idea of breeding her and possibly selling the puppies for a little extra income.  Other breeders have told us Doberman puppies can sell for as much as $1000 apiece!  Chris and his friend actually went in together just before adopting/purchasing Ruby and bought two younger Doberman puppies and two days later sold them for three times what they'd paid for them.

So, anyway, we're thinking about it and trying to decide if it might be something we'd like to try.  We'll obviously love and pamper her and treat her like one of the family...she'd be well taken care of, for sure.

For now, though, the kids sure do love her!  She's so gentle with them, and so protective.  I have to say...I'm getting rather fond of her.

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