April 2, 2011

Spring Break, Spring Cleaning

I'm supposed to be cleaning right now.  I actually have been (I have one room done), but I'm tired and I want to take a break.  I've been so busy and tired and really, really wanting to blog so doggone it, I'm gonna stop and do it!  So there!  (Imagine me sticking out my tongue at...well, no one, really.  Hmm.  Kinda loses its "oomph" when I think about it that way.)

So anyway.  Where was I?  Oh, yes.  Spring cleaning.  This is Spring Break here in my particular county here in the heart of Georgia!  I get a week off of school!  Hip hip hooray!  Oh, and we have no plans to travel anywhere, which for some people would get a big BOO!, but for me?  MAKES.ME.SO.HAPPY.  I am thrilled that there's no pressure to get anywhere at any certain time, no long car ride with two cranky kids, no car ride with a cranky husband (sorry honey), no restless nights because I can't really sleep well when I'm not in my own darn bed...I can hang out here, enjoy my kids, play outside in the dirt, do stuff around town, and generally just enjoy a BREAK.  Ahhhh.

Today I started my break with t-ball practice for Andrew (remember when he started?  how he cried the.entire.time? well now he LOVES it!!  WOOHOO!), then we came home and I planted flowers in my flower boxes out front, dug up two dead shrubs and replaced them with two new pretty (and living) ones. While I was doing that, the kids were generally running around enjoying the sunshine, playing on their playset, walking in the woods, and "helping" mommy.  Chris was helping me dig up the dead shrubs, prepping the ground to plant more grass seed, then planting and watering said grass seed.  When we finished the yardwork, we came inside and while the kids ate lunch, I started cleaning up the indoors.  Chris came in and put the kids down for a nap.  Now, I have one room cleaned up, but I needed a break, so here I am.  Now I need to get up off my rear end and get back in gear.

I need to get the whole house clean so the heath department doesn't come and take us all away from the house before school is out for summer (just kidding!!  its not THAT bad!), so wish me luck.  I'd like to get this done and still have maybe one or two days to enjoy my spring break. :)

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