March 19, 2011

March Madness

Yep, spring is here...and with it has come a bunch of chaos.

Around here, March Madness has nothing to do with basketball.  Of course, Chris being the sports addict he is, he is watching the tournaments and keeping up with his bracket, but in our family, March Madness has a whole different meaning.

As far as me personally, March Madness refers to the crazy time of year called "crunch time" by me and my fellow middle school teachers...meaning we have one month until our students take the dreaded state achievement test (CRCT here in GA) so it is ON like Donkey Kong.  The fact that my students continue to look at me as if they've never seen a division problem keeps me awake at night and just might send me to a mental institution before the year is out.

Another new experience which adds to the craziness around here is the fact that today Andrew went to his very first baseball practice.  We purposely kept him out of T-ball for his first two eligible years because (a) we just thought it was silly to pay for a 3 yr old to run around and kinda sorta play with a baseball, and (b) we wanted him to be at an age where he could really understand the rules and learn the skills he needs to play the game correctly.  So, today was interesting.  He was all excited, but when he got there and didn't know anyone (none of his preschool or church friends are playing in this league), he kinda freaked out and cried/whined/fussed through the whole hour.  It was awesome. 

Anyway, he was fine afterwards, once we talked about it and he realized that its ok to not know anyone.  He said he could make new friends and have a lot of fun, and when we got home we went out in the backyard and practiced batting, and he did a great job.  He is excited about the next practice (Monday night), so we'll see.  His T-ball team is the Mets, which Chris hates (since he's a Yankees fan), but oh well.  We will be avid Mets fan for Andrew's sake, despite our personal preferences. :)

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