March 25, 2011

Dear Target, I *heart* you!

I have always enjoyed shopping at Target.  When I moved out to Texas for my seminary years, however, I discovered the wonder that is the Super Target and that, my friends, is when my love for the superstore truly deepened.  Its always been a bit more expensive than Walmart, but being that I always have a much nicer experience there, I prefer to shop there and pay a tiny bit more than save a couple of bucks and have to endure the trauma of a trip to Wally World.

Now that I have begun couponing, I kinda thought my Target days were going to be few and far between.  Boy, was I wrong!!  Target publishes so many store coupons (you can print them from their website and/or get on their mailing list and get them in the mail every so often)...and you might not know, but you can "stack" coupons there!  What that means is that you can use a store coupon (a Target coupon) WITH a manufacturer's coupon for the same item and save even more!  Oh, and if you have a Target RedCard (their store credit card), you immediately save 5% every single time you shop there.  I did this very thing tonight and saved a ton of money!

Here's what I came home with tonight:
Above, you will see I bought Neutrogena Naturals Lip Balm, Neutrogena Lip Gloss, Nivea Body Wash, Up & Up Facial Scrub, Up & Up Detangler (for Hannah's crazy hair), Dove deodorant for men, Excedrin Migraine (50 ct) & Excedrin Extra Strength (20 ct).

If I had paid full price for these things tonight at Target, I would have paid $31.37 plus tax.  When I used Target coupons and matched them with manufacturer coupons, however, I paid only $10.37!  Pretty cool, huh?

Want more specific details on how I did it?  Let me know!

And I thought I could only save money at CVS...

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Sweet Coalminer said...

Thanks for sharing! I had no idea you could stack coupons there, or that you could sign up and get them in the mail. I will have to go investigate.

How do you save $$ at CVS? We get the bucks back, but never remember to take them when we need something, plus you have so little time to use them, you know?

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