February 7, 2011

Back to the Land of the Living

Whew!  After four days of feeling H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E, I am on the mend.  Not 100% yet, but getting there.  I actually went to Zumba tonight, too, which I thought might wear me down and make me feel worse, but actually energized me and made me feel better. :)  Heehee.  Funny how that works.  Being sick, I hadn't exercised since doing my 20 minutes with Jillian last Tuesday, so I am definitely feeling it, but its nice to get that endorphin release that comes with good, fun exercise.  Tomorrow its back to Jillian, and I will be trying the move up to level TWO.  Finally.

I might need this book.
 In other news, the new cat has presented a bit of a problem.  Maggie either does not know how to use a litter box, or is having such tummy troubles that she can't get there in time.  (I mean, the cat was starving...she might be having a bit of trouble adjusting to having access to cat food on a regular basis.)  We've been finding messes on the carpet, which SUCKS.  We had a horrible time keeping the house clean of Toby's messes for about a year before he died, so we do NOT want another cat who's going to be causing that kind of problem.  Buddy (the black cat) and Rosie (the dog) love her, and the kids absolutely ADORE her, so we can't totally kick her out, but still...yikes.  I am going to try putting her in the laundry room for the night with a litter box and see if she goes in it.  We tried that on Saturday night and it went very well.  She did use the box (no messes!) and went all day Sunday with no accidents on the carpet.  This morning, however, there was one in our room, and Chris told me there were three more throughout the day.  Ew.  Can't deal with that.  So, sweet as she is, she might have to be more of an outdoor cat until (or unless) she gets the hang of using the box and/or her tummy gets settled so there are no accidents.  Yes, I am a sap and I refuse to make her go outside in the cold, rainy weather.

School is great.  The kids all seemed happy to see me after me not being there for two days last week.  That was kinda nice.  Andrew & Hannah are happy that I can cuddle them more now and have more energy to play/talk/read/obey their every whim. :)  Chris is certainly glad to not be quite the single parent he's had to be the last few days.  He may whine and fuss a bit, but really...he's a great guy who does WAY more for me and the kids than the average husband/father.  He's a keeper, for sure.

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sweetcoalminer said...

So glad you're feeling better. And EW on the cat poop. I'm not an animal person. I can tell you how little interest I had in the human turds that we found on the carpet, and you know how much I love my kids! ;) Hope it gets better soon! Glad Chris had your back.

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