January 10, 2011

Snow Days Rock My World.

This morning we awoke to a winter wonderland!  Georgia got a big snow/ice storm late last night (well, ok, big for us...probably something my friend up north would just laugh at) and of course schools all over were canceling classes, much to the delight of students and teachers alike.

Last year we had a couple of snow days and I remember taking the kids outside and they were not thrilled.  I was a bit skeptical about their opinion this year, but oh.my.gosh.  They loved it!  You know, I really think I love this stage of their lives more than any other so far.  Yes, they fuss and fight, and there's plenty of whining to go around (by kids and adults alike), but oh my goodness.  Christmas was amazing this year because they truly had the "wonder" of the season, and now, with the snow...its just incredible.

Most of our accumulation was from ice mixed with snow, so it wasn't "snowman-making snow" or anything.  Andrew enjoyed stomping around to make footprints, though. :)

We brought Kitty B (our old, fat cat) outside to see the snow, but she was not too impressed.  Hannah sure did love snuggling her to try to keep Kitty B warm, though!

Chris played with the kids while I took pictures...He even slid down the slide and had a pretty funny crash landing, which I was lucky enough to catch on film.  I did manage to get in one one picture with my little "snow angels, though. :)

They had so much fun, and it was so much fun to watch them!  We kept finding too many slick spots, though, and Hannah kept falling down.  Needless to say, I decided to bring her inside while the boys attempted sledding down our driveway.  I think this last picture shows exactly how she felt about that!

Stomping around in the snow must have worn them out, because they are snoozing soundly while Chris & I are relaxing in front of the fire.  Plans for this afternoon include watching a movie and making cookies!

Yeah, life is pretty darn good.

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Becky Wolfe said...

Aww what a fun day. The last picture slays me. What a face!! Love the kitty snuggling pic too. Glad you all got to enjoy your snow, we have like 2 1/2 feet accumulated since November, it won't be going away any time soon I'm afraid!

Anna said...

Haha, thanks!! She was so sad to come in. We don't get that much snow down here, so this is a big deal for us...Hope you guys are well!

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