January 12, 2011

Four Year Old Frustration

Something is up with Andrew.  He's four years old (will be five next month -- Feb. 24th!) and has always been a pretty mellow kid.  He's sensitive, tenderhearted, imaginative, and amazing.  I love him to pieces.  I'm flabbergasted at the moment, however, because my little man is just not himself lately.  He flips out at the slightest change in schedule and being told "no" is a traumatic experience for all of us.  There is much weeping and gnashing of teeth.  Then, of course, there's the added bonus that Hannah gets upset because her brother is upset, so then its not just one kid having a meltdown...its TWO.  As you can guess, this is just lovely for everyone within a two mile radius.  Sigh...

Help!  What can I do to get my happy little guy back?  I feel so sad when he's in such turmoil...I want to make it all better, but obviously can't (and won't) give in to every demand just to keep him happy...I just wish there were a way I could help him deal with his frustration in a more productive way.

So anyway, I know there are at least two moms out there reading this, so if anyone can enlighten me, please do so!  Please, please leave a comment and let me know that: a) this is (or is not) normal for a four year old, and b) I am not alone.  Unless I am alone, in which case option (b) would not be applicable.

Bueller?  Bueller?  Anyone?

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Kathy McC said...

Kameron has been very mood-swingy lately, too. He can be happy go lucky and cooperative one minute, and then the next minute he's screaming and having a tantrum.

I think it's the age. Kam just turned 5 last month. He's been very unpredictable for the past few months.

If you truly think something is up besides normal kid-transition, then call the pediatrician. They can at least rule out any physical issues and put your mind at ease.

Have there been any big changes in your house lately? Anything stressful going on? I find my kids get touchy during changes in our daily life at home (school breaks, vacations, etc.).

Don't know if this helps at all. Just wanted to let you know that you're not alone!

Anna said...

Thanks, Kathy! Yeah, we just had nearly three weeks off for Christmas break, and now three (tomorrow will be FOUR) snow days...maybe its just the lack of routine. He's been sleeping A LOT so I wonder if its a growth spurt as well. Sigh...Seems like its normal 4-year-old stuff. I just miss my happy-go-lucky, mellow kid!
Thanks so much for letting me know its not just me...I hope both our kiddos are acting sane again soon! (Ha! Like that'll happen before they're 30...)

Lynette said...

he is becoming more aware of his world and may not understand the new deminisions. can be pretty scary when you realize there is a lil more life out there than you thought. sure it is a stage. reassure, hug and listen....that sweet fellow is still in there.

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