January 17, 2011

Getting Old Is No Fun

I think I'm officially starting to get old.  No, I haven't spotted a gray hair or anything, but I've had a headache for about 10 days now.  It goes away after I take about four ibuprofen, but sometimes its so severe that any light/noise hurts beyond belief.  I can't imagine why I have had this constant headache, other than...maybe...I need glasses.  Again.


I had the awesome opportunity to get Lasik eye surgery done as a combination college/seminary graduation gift from my fabulous daddy when I was 23 years old.  They told me then that the shape of my left eye was unique and as a result, it would never has as good of vision as my right eye.  Of course, anyone who has Lasik done has only about 20 years' worth of good vision before needing reading glasses at the minimum.

3rd grade self-portrait.  I was awesome.
I have enjoyed ten years of no glasses (contacts, really, since I've been wearing them since 6th grade).  I come from a family with terrible vision...they might as well send home a pair of glasses with us when we leave the maternity ward.  I first got glasses in the 3rd grade, which was late for my family.  I still remember the night I had my procedure done and I was able to wake up and see the clock without having to search for my glasses...ah, bliss.

These days I have to focus a bit before I can see it.  The other night we were watching the football game and I couldn't see the score or the time clock on the screen.  I blamed it on being tired, but now that I am putting two and two together, I'm thinking it might be a sign that my eyes are deteriorating again. 

I think it might be time to see an eye doctor.  Sigh.  Getting old is no fun.  (But, hey, do you think I could pull off a pair of those funky, super-cool glasses I see people wearing?  We'll see!)
I would look so cool teaching math in these...don't you think?

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Lynette said...

worn glasses for over 35 years...don't know if I could ever go without them all the time....yet,
I take them off to read.
Thus I lose them all the time...roaming the house asking if anyone has seen my glasses.

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