January 18, 2011

30 Day Shred: Day 1

Oh.Dear.God.  What have I done?

I have been zumba'ing for a couple of months now and LOVE it, but needed something more to really kick things into gear as far as my physical fitness was concerned.  I've always struggled with my weight, but I've been @ 50 lbs overweight for about 7 years now.  I am 4'10" and weigh WAY  too much for someone of such small stature.  It is time.  Something HAS to be done. 

After reading about Lydia's experience w/Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred on Rants From Mommyland, I decided I needed to give it a try.  Sure, it would be tough, but I could handle it.  I ordered the DVD and anxiously awaited its arrival.  I was so excited when it was in the mailbox today.

Holy cow, what was I thinking?

I'm so glad you asked!  Here's exactly what I was thinking, minute by minute:

Minutes 1-5:  Eh, this ain't so bad...What was Lydia whining about?
Minutes 6-8: OK, I'm working up a sweat now...but it feels kinda good!  Hey, look at me!  I'm not dying!
Evil Hussy.
Minutes 9-12:  Ouch.  Starting to feel it a bit.  No biggie...I'm gonna make it no problem.
Minutes 13-18:  I thought this was a 15 minute video...Surely it can't be too much longer...
Minutes 19-25: Oh dear Lord.  I didn't know those muscles existed!  (Might have muttered an expletive or two at this point...Pretty sure I called Jillian a bad name.  I kinda zoned out, so I'm not entirely sure.)
Minutes 26-28:  Can't.Go.On.  Legs. Shaking.  Might.Pass.Out.
Minutes 29-30:  Ahhhhh...the cool down.  This part I like.  Where's Chris?  I need my pillow and blanket 'cause there is NO WAY I am getting up off this floor.  Might as well make my bed down here.

I finally made my way to my bed where I now sit to type this post, but seriously...how am I supposed to get up to go to work tomorrow?  I am *so* out of shape.  Nevertheless, I vow to continue...Stay tuned for more fun with Jillian!

P.S.  Wanna know one thing that kept me going?  My little Hannah girl doing all the jumping jacks and sit ups with me.  She was SO CUTE mimicing my every move.  I totally need to get pictures of her working out along with me.  She is awesome. 

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Melissa H. said...

LOL! Hannah sounds like Caitlin. I was at Wal Mart this weekend buying a work out piece for Nic and I. Caitlin wanted a 2lb weight for her to work out with. So I bought it for her. I love watching her do her "own" work out.

Mellie said...

Stick with it if you can! I did this video for 6 weeks, 5 times a week after my 2nd was born and it was AWESOME!!! Once you get the hang of it mute Jillian and play your own tunes!

Anna said...

Thanks, ladies!! Mellie - great idea! :) she must be silenced! Haha!

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