January 15, 2011

A few questions for my daughter...

After a fitful night's sleep and an early morning wake-up call by my little cupcake, I have a few questions for the child.

1.)  Why is it that you will sleep until 7:30, even 8:00 am, for your daddy, but for mommy you wake up while its still dark?

2.)  Why do you let daddy go about his business in the morning, allowing him to slowly wake up and get ready for the day, but mommy is commanded to sit rightbesideyou ("SEAT MOMMY!  SEAT NOW!") and is not allowed to get up for any reason whatsoever?

3.)  Why is it that you will go to the potty only if you are butt naked?  Why do you refuse the cute sparkly princess panties that your Mamaw got you?  They are so cute, and since you already have the mood swings of a preteen girl, can you please be a big girl and wear big girl pants, use the potty, etc?

4.)  Really?  Toy Story again?  I admit, its a great movie...one of my favorites!  At least, it used to be.  Seeing a movie five times a day, however, kinda takes the thrill away.  I dream about Buzz & Woody now.  Thanks for that.

5.)  Is it really necessary to speak yell at full volume every time you open your mouth?  I mean, since I am not allowed to be more than five feet away from you at any time, I promise I would be able to hear you if you were to ever try to speak at a normal volume.  See, we have this thing called an "inside voice" that is perfectly acceptable and able to be heard when indoors, so can we try to work on that?  My bleeding ears will thank you.

That's all...for now.  I do love you, my precious girl.  You light up my life and bring me so much joy.  Stay as sweet and strong-willed as you are, and you will do amazing things!

XOXO, Mommy

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Becky Wolfe said...

LOL - oh joys of childhood! Sounds like she's definitely your clingwrap child lately. We haven't braved the potty scene yet but it is coming soon.
If I have to watch Wiggles or Mater's Tall Tales one more time I may rip off my own head & kick it out in the snow. Ahhhh!

sweetcoalminer said...

She's fantastic. And doing well on the potty. Mommy is a hot commodity because demand is more than supply, you know.

Lynette said...

Ha Ha, maybe Daddy has clogged up ears and it does not get to him as much. And just wait one day it will be DaDaDaDa all the time and you will wonder where is your lil lady.

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