January 13, 2011


Enough already!  The first snow day was awesome.  The second was pretty darn good...the third?  I need to get out of here!  Today was the fourth and I am working on booking my seat on the crazy train.  My friend Cindy is joining me and she says she's saving me a window seat! Tomorrow we are out of school again and I am afraid that if I don't see another adult that's not my wonderful husband I might start seeing things...like the image of Jesus on a piece of toast.

Uh-oh.  Too late.

I am so out of here tomorrow.   If you need me, I'll be having lunch with a few friends, then heading for some retail therapy...This is a long weekend (MLK Day on Monday), so four more days of "family togetherness" might just send me over the edge if I don't. 

Here's to warmer weather and adios to the snow!

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