January 20, 2011

Beware of Mama Bear!

ARRRRGGGGHHHH...OK, I simply MUST get this out of my system or I will explode!  Seriously...do not mess with my husband of kiddos.  I can get mean in a hurry.

There's this guy who Chris used to work with...He's a pastor of a small church here.  When our church closed its doors we joined up with them and Chris took a position as an associate pastor there.  Anyway, we lasted about a month but then left because it was AWFUL.  He was such a jerk to Chris, constantly complained about the church members...It was really no wonder that the church never grew (STILL hasn't grown) because you could just tell that he didn't truly love the people.

So Chris is "friends" with this guy on Facebook.  EVERY DAY Chris tells me about some snide comment this guy has made on his status, some cut-down or snarky remark or whatever...It ticks me off.  I understand if you want to debate something and can do it civilly, but this guy crosses the line.  For example, Chris made a comment about trying to do the 30 Day Shred video with me (as a way to support and encourage me) and this guy starts slamming Chris for doing a "girl's video."  I tell ya what, though, Jillian is TOUGH and I bet he would be CRYING on the floor if he tried to last through the entire 20 minutes!

Anyway.  It just irritates me beyond belief to see someone constantly tearing down my husband, slamming for every little thing...never once saying ANYTHING nice to him at all.  He's not my "friend" on FB and I have begged Chris to block him, but he won't.  Ugh.  I am trying so hard not to slam him right back.  Its hard, though.  I really want to stoop to his level and blast him good.  I've got all kinds of awesomely evil remarks I could make about him as a person and a pastor...But I will be the better person and refrain.  I'm so mad I have tears in my eyes.  Grrr...I seriously need to pray for this "mama bear" to calm down.

Deep breaths...deep breaths...Pray for me, y'all!

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