November 2, 2010

Days 1-2 of the Challenge

OK, so if you didn't see my last post, I have decided to start this 30-day Challenge for wives.  (To read more about it, check this out.)  So day 1's challenge was to thank my husband for choosing me.  I am trying to remember if I've ever done this.  I'm sure I have, at some point, told him how lucky I am to be his wife, how happy I am to be with him...but I don't know that I've ever specifically thanked him for choosing me.  I mean, choosing me was a hard thing, I'm sure.  When we met I was still pretty much an emotional wreck with lots of baggage.  I had been through a long healing process and had actually not dated anyone for at least four years, so for me to jump back into a relationship was no small thing.  He was pretty special for me to even dare risking my emotional well-being with anyone after what I'd been through.  But the fact that he chose to stay with me, put up with all my insecurities, and stick it out with me...that's pretty amazing.
He chose me above all other women.  Our wedding vows were not taken lightly when we spoke them and they are not taken lightly even today.  We've been through some really tough stuff...miscarriages, post-partum depression (extreme at times), even hostile times when the last thing we wanted was to be together.  In the midst of it all, though, his commitment to me and to the kids has remained steadfast.  I know there have been times he probably wanted to run away, but he has chosen (and continues to choose) to stay stay with me.  Wow. 
Day 2 tells me to thank my husband for his servant's heart toward me.  WOW, does this man ever have a servant's heart!  He is a stay-at-home dad (which is enough right there!) but he also does all the grocery shopping (with both kids in tow), works hard in the yard, and still manages to have plenty of time to run around with the kids in the backyard, taking hikes in the woods, or just watch them play so I can have a few minutes of quiet when I get home from teaching middle schoolers all day.  WOW.  Honey, if I haven't said lately...THANK YOU for all you do.  You are amazing.
Now, some of you might think that our marriage must be the best its ever been because of this challenge.  I am here to tell you that its not easy!  Satan hates that I am trying to strengthen my marriage by encouraging my husband.  He is making us want to bicker about the tiniest, most insignificant little things.  Chris and I have been irritable and touchy, and there have been moments when it has taken every bit of strength I can muster just to keep my mouth shut or just say "sorry" instead of blowing up out of defensiveness.  God has given me the self-control to do it, though, and I'm already seeing some good results.  I can't wait to see what happens in the days ahead!

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sweetcoalminer said...

So sweet! It's nice to appreciate how wonderful a husband is! And it's easy to forget to tell him after a long day. Good for you!

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