August 28, 2010

Full Contact Parenting

Every night before bedtime, the kids have a routine...they eat and watch one show.  Hannah's choice would be a Spot video, Veggie Tales, or perhaps 101 Dalmatians.  Andrew's choice would be A Bug's Life, X-Men, or 101 Dalmatians.  Since 101 Dalmatians (the classic Disney version from long ago) is one they can agree on, that's the one we mostly show.  After they eat, we turn off the video and head upstairs for baths.  This is when the fun really begins.
To convince them to get out of the tub, we promise they can wrestle with mommy or daddy (usually daddy...I am not a fan of getting beat up) on the bed.  That is the one thing that will get them out of the tub for sure.  Otherwise they would probably be content to spend HOURS in the tub, no matter how wrinkled and pruney their fingers get, or how cold the water.  The tub is fascinating to them.
So anyway, we finally convince them to get out of the tub, and that's when the wrestling match begins.  See, Chris is a big fan of TNA and WWE.  Tivo's them almost daily.  So Andrew already knows what's coming.  He jumps on the bed, barely giving us time to dry and dress him, and starts yelling, "DING DING DING!  In this corner...the champion!  Daddy!  And in the other corner...the challenger!  Andrew!"  Then the assault begins.
Hannah is rolling all around, throwing herself face down on the bed and us, Andrew is jumping on us, standing on us, doing all his wrestling moves -- the jackhammer, the "Andrew annihilator" (where he stands on you and suddenly just drops down with all his strength...its a killer!), the runner (where he stands on your belly and just runs in place...ouch!).  Yeah, he's a fighter.
All this physical contact might seem to be "too rough" or dangerous or whatever...But I am here to tell you, WE (yes, mostly Chris...occasionally me too, though!) are the ones getting beat up.  WE are the ones who ache and feel exhausted.  The kids, however, CRAVE that physical touch and the opportunity to climb all over us and be everywhere at once.  The laughter is so worth it.  In my opinion, the wrestling makes them so happy and fulfills their need to feel strong and powerful in a world where they are so little and all these big people are making decisions for them.  So, for now...count me in.  I'll grin and bear it and enjoy every ache I have.  It just means I'm playing HARD with my kids.  And that's a good thing. :)


Denea said...

It's a great thing! I still remember playing Hop on Pop with my dad. We were big fans of Dr. Seuss. ;) Try not to get too badly hurt in those wrestling matches, either of you.

Lynette said...

They are just getting their licks in while they can.....but your right is sure is fun. How about 4 aor 5 lil ones riding horsey on your back at one time. Denea has been there.

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