January 3, 2013

Quotable Kids

I know I'm biased, but I swear my kids say the funniest, cutest things.  Here are just a few jewels from the past week or so:

Chris took Andrew to the Dollar Tree, and a lady complimented Andrew, telling him he was "so cute." Andrew's reply? "I'm not cute! I'm awesome!"

As Andrew and Hannah were playing in the backseat of the truck on our way to Alabama, Andrew says, "Hannah, you're my favorite girl in the world."

While playing with Hannah's Dora dollhouse, Andrew got tired of it all and decided to push Dora down the itty bitty stairs.  Hannah says, "You are so rude."

Hannah, upon waking up the morning AFTER Christmas:  "Oh no!  We forgot to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus yesterday!"

I love my kids.

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