January 4, 2013

My new baby

Today's happy has to do with my new "precious" (think Gollum in LOTR)... My new iPad! It was ordered through eBay at @ a 50% discount. It's an iPad 2 and came with a cover, a carrying case, a keyboard, and two chargers. My hubby is the best. Sometimes his frugality causes me to sigh and think he's crazy, but I love him for it. I love my new toy and will probably sleep with it under my pillow tonight. Ha! :) I'm blogging from the iPad now, and will attempt to attach a pic of my precious in its brand new purple case (to protect it from little hands that might dare to touch it). Squee! :)

1 comment:

sweetcoalminer said...

Good for you! Enjoy! We are virtually technology-less around here. Hope it helps make everything easier!

I have been wanting an iPad mini. I don't have a smartphone - I have an old flip phone. I was thinking about getting an iPad mini with cellular for my purse for emails, and then I saw how much they COST! Not gonna happen any time soon.

Good for you for getting a deal! Very smart.

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