January 12, 2013

My Hannah Girl

My kids are killing me. In a good way! Every day they are saying or doing something that just makes me laugh and laugh...Today, though, I must write about my Hannah. Yesterday, Hannah and Andrew were playing together so well. No fighting, no fussing, nothing. Hannah made the comment that she wanted to marry Andrew when she grew up, and when Chris told her that couldn't happen, she got so sad! She seriously cried as if her heart was broken. It was so sad, but so very funny. I felt bad laughing when she was obviously so upset, but seriously. It was hilarious.

Hannah has become quite the love bug lately, too. She loves to hold hands, hug, and especially kiss! When we are walking into her school in the mornings, or anywhere, really, she will hold my hand and kiss it all the way. When she gives hugs, they are full throttle, bear hugs. It's precious and wonderful, and I am trying to remember every minute because these moments will disappear far too quickly.

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