December 24, 2011

It's Magical, Y'all

Oh my goodness.  This Christmas has been the most magical, chaotic, crazy, wonderful one yet...and its only Christmas Eve!  This is the first year that both kids have understood the magic of Christmas.  Of course they are thrilled to tears that Santa is on his way, and it was ca-ray-zee trying to get them to go to bed tonight (Andrew was wanting to stay up and watch Santa's journey on NORAD) but we finally convinced them to both go to sleep.  Now, I sit here watching a movie (Water for Elephants...never read it or seen it) and thinking about how awesome it is to see Christmas through the eyes of a child again.

Have I lost my cool, wanted to throttle them a few times over the past week?  Yes!  Lord knows they have gotten too hyper  and LOUD with the excitement of it all, but...I understand.  Its magical!

Today we had our "family Christmas" and opened presents from each other.  We thought the kids might be too overwhelmed with all the presents AND the Santa gifts, so we thought we'd spread it out.  They got a chance to play with their presents and put out the reindeer food before we headed to church for the Christmas Eve service.  Afterwards we came home to bake cookies for Santa.  Andrew even offered up his Star Wars plate for us to use.  SO cute. I simply cannot wait to see their faces when they wake up in the morning and see what "Santa" brought.

In the midst of all the Santa stuff, though, I hope we've done an adequate job of making sure they understand what Christmas is REALLY about...the birth of God's Son, Jesus Christ.  As a Christian, I want my kids to know Him and share my faith.  I want them to understand that we give gifts as a symbol of the greatest gift ever given, the Son of God sent to live and die among us so we might know God and have a relationship with Him.  Tomorrow, after the excitement of the morning, we will sit the kids down and read them the story of Jesus' birth so they remember why we do all this...why this season gives hope to so many.

Whoever you are, wherever you are...I hope God blesses you this Christmas with love and peace, and most of all, JOY.

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