November 16, 2011


So, if we're Facebook friends then you've surely read my fever-induced delirious rants about how everyone in my house is sick.  Except Hannah, but even she has a lingering cough from being sick a couple of weeks ago.  Sheesh.

Here's what's going on:

Me -- Strep throat, fever ranging from 100 at the lowest to 104 last night @ 2:30 am.  Got 5 shots at the doc's office today (2 antibiotic, 2 steroid, and 1 for pain).  Lost my voice...even whispering hurts like a mofo.

Chris -- ear infection (rare for adults), and bronchitis...also still kinda recovering from a brutal stomach bug a couple of days ago

Andrew -- picked up from school today because of ear pain...couldn't chew food or talk because the pain in his ear was so bad.  The school called @ 11:30ish so I sent Chris to pick him up and take themselves to the doctor.

We have four prescriptions for me, two for Chris, two for Andrew...our kitchen counter kinda looks like a pharmacy.  Hannah is still taking nighttime cough medicine because when she lies down, she coughs like crazy (sometimes until she throws up), so the medicine helps her little body get some rest.

Can we catch a break??  Please?
I'm seriously thinking about maybe getting a sister-wife (or brother-husband) just so there's someone around to take care of the kids and the house when BOTH adults are so sick.  Its times like this that seriously make me want to live closer to my parents.  Sigh.

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