July 13, 2011

Its About Time!

So much has gone wrong lately...Over the past few months, we've had to deal with appliances dying and needing to be replaced, our beloved cat getting sick and dying, and of course all of Andrew's issues with his eyes and ears.  Fortunately, my bargain hunter of a husband helped us find the best deals on a new microwave and, most recently, a new washing machine!  We just got a washer (HE!  Fancy!) from Home Depot for only $150!  We just today had to buy a new digital camera because our camera decided to die on us.  (And I am NOT one who can live for very long without taking pictures of my kids or pets!)  I am *so* blessed to have an internet-savvy husband who knows the best sites to get the best deals when these things happen...so even when they all happen at the same time, its not as hard (financially speaking) to take care of things.

Kitty B was home with us for 10 days after leaving the vet hospital.  We had to syringe-feed her and take care of her every need, since she never regained the ability to walk. I always knew diabetes would kill her one day, but I wasn't expecting it so soon.  We loved her like our own child, and she was a huge part of our lives for more than 13 years.  Chris was with her when she died (as it should be), and he came to wake me at 4:30 am when she passed.  We had some time alone with her before the kids woke up and we had to break the news to them.  They were so sweet and helped us bury her properly, right next to Toby, our cat who passed away a year and a half ago. The kids, the four kittens, our other two adult cats, and our two dogs have brought so much comfort to us and made us grateful for all the joy in our lives.

As far as Andrew's issues...if you've read my blog (or Facebook status updates), you might know that our state requires eye, ear, and dental checkups before enrolling for kindergarten.  When we went to get this done, we discovered major issues with Andrew's eyes and ears.  He failed his hearing test twice, and when we took him to the first eye doctor, he referred us to a specialist because of his special eye issues.  Fortunately, the dental exam went great (no cavities)!

I posted last week about Andrew's eye appt with the specialist...In case you didn't see what happened, you can read about it here.  We hope to get his new glasses sometime later this week.  He picked up some really cool frames and he's excited to get them. 

Today Andrew had his third hearing test.  He failed the first test at the pediatrician's office and was referred to an audiologist that works with the kids in the school system here.  He failed the test he took there and was referred back to the ped for antibiotics since there was evidence of fluid in his ears.  We were told to return 4-6 weeks after finishing the antibiotics, which we did.  Fortunately, everything was perfect today and he passed with flying colors!  Whew!

Like I said, it was about time for some good news!  How about you all?  What good stuff has happened in your lives lately?

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