June 6, 2011

Eyes & Ears

So earlier last week I posted about Andrew's difficulties getting past the eye, ear and dental exams required for enrollment in Kindergarten.  He failed two hearing tests, completed a round of antibiotics, and now has an appt for July 13 (4-6 weeks after the antibiotics) to take yet another hearing test.  If he fails this one, we have to get a referral to an ENT to discuss tubes to help improve his hearing.  Sigh.

The kids' eye chart
Today we had our (first) eye appointment.  I was thinking it would be interesting, but no big deal and we'd likely have to get him some glasses and be on our way.  Umm...NO.  Apparently Andrew has very little vision in his right eye.  His left eye is perfect and obviously compensates for his weak right eye.  We realized this when the doc made him cover his left eye and try to read the picture eye chart with only his right eye.  He did GREAT with his right eye covered...he recognized the cowboy, cake, hand, bird, house, etc just fine.  With his left eye covered, however, he could only see the very top picture (a big airplane).  :(

I feel so guilty!  I feel like I somehow should have known that he was having issues seeing out of that eye.  Its ridiculous, really, because how would I have known?  When we read together or look at books/magazines and watch TV, he's not that far away and not really being asked to recite what he's seeing.  I can't help it, though.  I feel like I've let him down.  Same with the hearing!  I guess I should be grateful that our school system makes us get these checkups before starting school, though, because how in the world would I have known?  I shudder to think that these issues could have gotten much worse by simply not knowing they're even there.  At least we can get it taken care of NOW while he's still young.  I would appreciate any prayers or positive thoughts!  This whole ordeal has been stressful and worrisome for both me and Chris!

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