February 4, 2011

New Addition

Before anyone freaks out, NO I am NOT pregnant.  Heck no.  If something like that were to happen I wouldn't be able to post because I would be passed out from shock.

No, the addition I am speaking of has come to us in feline form.  She appeared on our front porch last night, much to the delight of the kids (especially Hannah).  We fed her, of course...poor thing was starving and so skinny.  She ate and ate, and we fixed her a soft blanket for a bed on the porch to help her stay warm.  Go ahead and say it...We are SUCKERS.

The cat is certainly no fool because she stuck around through the night and when I woke up this morning (I stayed home another day to try to get over this crap) the cat was in the house.  Uh oh.  Once the cat gets inside there's no going back.  Our other pets were curious but have so far gotten along with her quite well.  Andrew called her Maggie this morning, and the name has stuck.

She is currently curled up on our king size bed next to my husband.  I guess its official.  She's now a part of the family.  Welcome, Maggie.

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