January 29, 2011

Random Ramblings

What a crazy week!  Between attempting to teach math to 6th graders whose hormones are starting to kick into gear and coming home to a little boy who needs me and a little girl who's like velcro, I am worn out.  My body and mid are both exhausted and sore.  I am hoping to get a call from the eye doctor telling me my glasses have come in so I can maybe get some relief from these headaches.  I gotta say it, though...Between Zumba and Jillian, I honestly feel better than I have in a long time!  I feel a definite difference on the days I don't do either of the two.  I haven't taken second measurements to see if I've lost anything, but I plan to do so on Monday.  I can feel a difference in the way my jeans fit (in a good way!), so that's cool.  I haven't lost any weight according to my scale, but I can tell my body is changing so I am okay with that. :)

Hannah continues to baffle us with her roller coaster moods.  She's happy, she's mad, happy, sad, happy, mad.  Its exhausting.  I got a HILARIOUS email from Chris this week that pretty much summed up how crazy she can make a person.  I printed it out and taped it to my wall at school so I could have a good laugh when needed.  Heehee.  By the way, is it wrong to kinda hope your kid gets laryngitis so the volume of their voice will decrease?  Just asking...

Andrew is getting really excited about his upcoming birthday.  He will be FIVE YEARS OLD on Feb. 24.  FIVE.  I cannot believe it.  When did that happen???  Life is such a whirlwind these days.  Some days I am *so* ready for the kids to just grow up already and not be so dependent on me and Chris...other days, I just want to freeze time and make them stay little, to keep them my babies.  Sigh.  So anyway, we're planning his birthday parties already.  I say "parties" because he will have two this year.  One will take place on his actual birthday while we are in Myrtle Beach with family the week of Feb. 19-26.  The other will be the "big" party here at the house on March 12.  We already have the invitations printed up and we're so excited.  Here's a picture:
We found these on eBay for a good price and got them personalized of course.  Andrew can't wait to give the "tickets" to his friends at preschool. :)  He is *still* obsessed with Star Wars, obviously.  His past three birthday parties (2nd, 3rd, 4th) have had the Star Wars theme, so this will be birthday #4 with the same decorations.  Saves us money, for sure!

Anyway...there are lots of household chores to get done but I am just sitting here with Hannah on the couch, watching Finding Nemo for the billionth time.  Who cares about laundry?  If you need me, I'll be here with my girl.

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