November 27, 2010

I need a vacation...from my vacation.

Ugh.  I am all touched out after this week.  Our local school system plans an entire week's vacation for Thanksgiving, which (as a teacher) is awesome, but OH MY GOSH my kiddos are having a hard time with it. Hannah can't stand for me to be out of arm's reach and cries/screams when I walk out of the room.  At the same time, Andrew wants me to play Lego Star Wars with him ALL THE TIME so he gets upset about having to share time with Hannah.  I was sick on Monday and Tuesday (sore throat, tummy issues) but actually got out of the house with them on Wednesday.  We went to Wal-Mart and then had lunch with my BFF and her daughter at IHOP.  Yummy!  Anyway, after time alone with mommy, they were much better Wednesday night.
Thursday was Thanksgiving, of course, so we hit the road and headed up to visit Chris' dad and stepmom for the day.  They live @ an hour and a half away...not a big deal.  It was a great day.  Both of Chris' brothers were there, my sister-in-law, two nephews and two nieces.  Andrew and Hannah had SO much fun playing with their cousins.  It was fabulous.  Chris played football with his brothers and oldest nephew and has, I think, discovered that he is either too old to play football OR needs to do it more often so his body doesn't rebel so severely next time.  Heh.  Neither of them napped, of course, so as soon as they got in the car they passed out.  It made for a peaceful ride home, but screwed up their bedtime routine a bit.  Eh, we survived.
My very own Coupon Chris!
Yesterday (Black Friday) we went to get flu shots (party!!) and did a bit of grocery shopping.  Chris has become quite the coupon guru.  I read a HILARIOUS blog where one of the writers calls her hubby "Cap'n Coupon."  I'm thinking its a title quite suitable for Chris. :)  Hannah was all out of sorts and throwing a fit, so instead of more shopping, we headed home.  Everyone (meaning Chris and the kids) had a great nap and felt much better afterwards.  After watching the very disappointing Alabama/Auburn game (I hate those Tigers/Eagles/whatever they are) we ate dinner and put Hannah to bed.  About this time, Andrew finally woke up from his nap, so he and Chris stayed downstairs playing games on the XBOX 360 while I enjoyed some time alone upstairs until Andrew finally got tired enough to get a bath and go to bed.
Today I took Hannah on a "mommy date" to Target for shopping and Wendy's for lunch  (hey, I had a coupon!)  -- hoping to satisfy her intense need for mommy -- and when they both went down for naps, I went to get a haircut.  I've been trying to grow my hair out and needed to get a trim so it wouldn't look quite so out-of-control.  Tomorrow is Sunday.  I actually don't have that "Sunday feeling" of dread because of a new school week coming.  This weekend I am actually looking forward to getting back in our routine.  The kids and I THRIVE on routine.  I love being home with them so much but man, do I love that routine.  Fortunately, things will return to normal soon.

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sweetcoalminer said...

Sounds like a good balance of family and work when you're ready to go back to work!

Sorry you didn't get very much alone time, but I'm convinced that's just the lot of the mom of small kids. Sounds like Chris got some break time, though! Glad you had a good week and you're feeling better.

Anna said...

Thanks, girl! Yeah, we had a great week overall. You're right -- moms and dads of little ones just don't get enough time alone. That's part of it, though! :) Wouldn't trade it for anything!

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