November 24, 2010

Hannah's Vernacular (AKA Hann-acular)

I spend a lot of time talking about the cute things Andrew says and marveling over the insight he shows or the humor he shares.  The reason there's not a lot about Hannah's cute sayings is that there's just not a lot she says that is completely anyone other than me, Chris, or Andrew, at least.  This is why I have decided to develop a kind of Hannah "dictionary" so anyone who knows her can attempt to decode her unique babbling. :)

moMEEEEEE - that's me, the mommy.  If in the house, not allowed to be further away than arm's reach.

seat! - that means she wants you to sit down with her  if not sooner.

crax - crackers.  (usually means she wants them.)  any kind, but especially club crackers.

snack - fruit snacks...she loves the generic kind from Target, but is also fond of "Smiles" from Wal-Mart.  These should ALWAYS be carried in the diaper bag, one's purse, or jeans pockets.  They are the key to a peaceful outing.

Bu-eee - our black cat, Buddy, that is scared to death of her.

Ro-reee - our dog, Rosie, who is always afraid she is going to hurt her...has been kicked out of the house too many times to count for growling at Hannah.

Ki-eeee - our oldest, fat cat, Kitty B, who Hannah just ADORES.  Hannah hugs her and kisses her and simply MUST kiss her good night every night before bed as well as before naptime.  The only pet who somewhat tolerates her affection.

joos - juice!  She loves it so much but it gives her BAD tummy issues if she drinks more than one cup a day.

eat-eat-EAT!! - this means you should feed her NOW.  no wiggle room.  once this comes out of her mouth she's on the fast track to meltdown city.

babeeees - could mean her two precious loveys that she carries everywhere...could also refer to her 50+ Fisher Price Little People or plastic horseys...whatever is lying around that she probably wants you to get for her.

dip - usually refers to ketchup.  This girl LOVES to dip food in whatever there is...but mostly ketchup.  She also enjoys honey mustard and thousand island dressing.  Usually I can open the fridge and she will grab the "dip" she is wanting at the moment.

More to come, but for now...this is a good start. :)

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