November 21, 2010


Andrew says the CUTEST things....most of the time without even meaning to.  Since its my blog (and I can do what I want with it), I'm going to share them here. :)
One night this week (I believe it was maybe Wednesday night), he asked me how I can possibly use the potty, being that I have no wee-wee.  (Yes, we use "kid words" for body parts.  Having my child say the word "pe.nis" just kinda freaks me out.)  Anyway, I explained that I can use the potty and reminded him that we have had this know, the "boys have outside parts, girls have inside parts" talk.  So he says he remembers but tells me that daddy told him that I *do* have a wee-wee. Ummmm...what???  I must have a talk with that man.
Friday morning, Andrew's preschool had a Thanksgiving program and lunch for the kids and their families.  Of course I went. :)  Afterwards, he went home with his daddy, Mamaw & Papaw (they were in town for the weekend).  He was a pilgrim in the program and apparently was hoping to stay in that role because he kept asking his Mamaw to be an "idiot" (Indian) and play with him.  We all thought it was too funny and didn't have the heart to correct him.
On Friday night, after reading books with his Mamaw at bedtime, I went in to rock and sing with him, as is our nightly routine.  When I entered his room, he told me he loved me thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much, and stretched his little arms as far as they would go.  I told him I loved him thiiiiiiiiiiiis much, too, and stretched mine out as far as mine would go.  This conversation followed:
Andrew:  But what if I cry, mommy?  Do you still love me a lot, or just a little?
Me:  Oh, Andrew, I still love you thiiiiiiiiiis much! (stretching my arms as far as they would go)
Andrew:  But mommy...what about when I'm bad?
Me:  Andrew, I love you so very much.  Even when you act crazy and don't listen, or do things that make me sad...I still love you more than I can say.
Andrew:  Oh.  That's good mommy!

Then he proceeded to act a fool, just to test the theory.  Hmmmph.
This morning, as I dropped him off at Sunday School, he told me he loved me so much and wanted to hug and kiss me FOREVER.

Man, I love that kid.

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sweetcoalminer said...

So sweet! Such a little doll. Oh how I love little mama's boys!

Lynette said...

sure makes up for all the emotionally upheaveal pregnacy brings on.....doesn't it!

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