August 4, 2010


Whew!  Its Wednesday (hump day!) and the first three days of school have gone very well, if I do say so myself.  I didn't get home until 6 pm on Monday, then 5 pm yesterday and today.  I am hoping to get out earlier and be home between 4:30 and 5:00 most days...Chris is hoping for closer to 4:30, I know.  Poor guy is having a rough time adjusting because the kiddos are having a hard time getting used to mommy being gone all day.  My being home all summer was great for us...One of us could sleep in, the other got up with the kids.  Then whoever got us early with the kids would take a nap when the one who slept in got up.  NICE.  Yeah, I got a bit spoiled.  I'm already used to getting up early, though, and have been waking up about 2 minutes before my alarm would go off, so I guess that's a good thing. 

One goal I have for this school year is to come home, play with the kids, and immediately make dinner.  I am NOT a cook.  I can do frozen dinners, heat up a frozen pizza, etc, but I am not a cook.  I am going to try to be better, though, and so far its been going well.  Yes, I am only three days into it, but hey...we all have to start somewhere, right?  I've been taking the leftovers for lunch so that is definitely doing us a favor because I don't have to pay $2.50 for the school lunch that is just way too greasy, fried and fattening, despite what the "nutrition" information says.
Another goal for this year is to *try* not to come right in from work and jump right into cleaning the house.  My house is usually in chaos, being that I have two children who have way too many toys.  Don't get me wrong...Chris does a great job as a stay-at-home-dad!  He is just fabulous.  When I come home, the kids are alive, happy, healthy, and have had a great time.  Most of the time.  He does a better job than I do.  The house is not always clean, however, and my compulsion is to come in, pick up toys, empty/reload the dishwasher, etc...but honestly?  When I am old and the kids are grown and have moved out, am I going to look back on these days and wish my house had been cleaner?  Ummm, no.  I am going to wish I'd played with them more, colored/painted/played with Play-doh, dollies, action figures, just a few minutes more.  I'm not sure how well I have done these past few days, but I am trying to do better about that.

Chris and I are both anxious about the kids getting back to preschool in a couple of weeks (they start on August 16) because they are so stinkin' bored at home.  They desperately need to run around outside and be with other kids so they stop driving each other nuts.  Chris would take them outside during the day except today it is SO.VERY.HOT.  Today the temp was 100 degrees and the air was so thick with humidity it was not even funny.  Can't take these little ones out in this weather.  Hannah has had a summer cold and has been fussy and running a low grade fever the past couple of days (not constant, just at night) so she hasn't been sleeping well.  When she doesn't sleep well, we don't sleep well.  Its been rough.  I don't know how Chris does it, but I am so grateful he does.  He's my hero.
So anyway, that's the whirlwind that is our life these days...Is it any wonder that some days we consider just giving the kids Benadryl for dinner? :)

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Anonymous said...

One thing that I got as a b-day present (and wanted) when I was a working mom that I totally underutilized was a pressure cooker. I got the Fagor Duo (which is at costco now for a lot less than what we spent on it). I don't use their recipes - too time consuming - but I do make almost everything in it super-fast and then throw it in the dishwasher (except the lid). rice, beans, meat, soup, etc. are so much faster. I brown garlic/onions/whatever, throw in water, spices, and whatever I'm making, wait for it to build pressure, and then in 6 minutes or so I have a rice pilaf or chicken broth, or lentil soup. I usually add in the things at the end that make the food tough - salt, tomato, etc. It's a lifesaver. I could never plan far enough ahead to do a slow cooker.

I understand your wanting to enjoy the kids more. It's hard when you're tired from a long day of wrangling other kids, I'm sure. I'm too tired to do much cleaning after the kids get in bed, so I try to tidy, too, although we're a mess. So glad you have Chris to co-parent with.

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