August 7, 2010

My Little Motormouth

This is what is now on Andrew's wall...
Life size and totally cool.
Andrew is quite a kid.  He is 4 yrs old and obsessed with Star Wars.  Has been for 2 yrs now, actually.  When I arrived home yesterday, Chris told me that Andrew's Darth Vader fathead (its like a HUGE sticker for the wall...very realistic looking) had arrived.  We saw them online, on sale ($20 as opposed to $100+), and had ordered one for Andrew, intending to keep it until Christmas.  We completely forgot about the Christmas intention and when he got up from his nap we showed it to him.  Of course he immediately had to have us put it on his wall.  This thing is 6'5" tall and a-w-e-s-o-m-e.  He was so stinkin' excited about it.  Could not stop talking about it.

We finally got the kids out of his room and back downstairs.  After Hannah went to bed we watched Night At The Museum 2.  Since Andrew napped so long, we let him stay up to watch.  He loved it, but you could tell when he started getting excited because he would stand up on the couch or run right up the TV or come over and start climbing all over me.  I love this kid.  We would have to "pause it!" when he had to go potty, of course, and he'd talk to us all the way from the den to the potty and back so we knew exactly what was going on the entire time he was out of our sight. 

After the movie we took him up to bed and that's when he saw Darth Vader again.  Oh my.  So excited.  Chris says he told him that Darth Vader was like God, watching out for him while he slept and protecting him and his "babies" (his 127 stuffed animals that he insists on sleeping with).  Since we have to close his door at night (we have a cat that loves to roam the house meowing LOUDLY), we use a monitor and I heard him talking nonstop to Darth until at least 11:00 pm.  I fell asleep around then, so I'm not sure if the one-sided conversation continued beyond that point or not.

It is so funny to hear Andrew talk about anything and everything.  This kid talks all.the.time. Most of the time it's really cute, and sometimes I just wish he would be quiet, but my goodness, he says the funniest things.  Some of the funnier things he's said:

"Mommy, sometimes I feel like a big boy, and sometimes I feel like a baby boy.  But no matter how I feel, I can still beat you up!"  Well, thanks, son.  Nice to know.

"Mommy, I need to be careful!  If I fall, I might bonk my head!  Or maybe my wee-wee!" (said while climbing on the couch)  Hey, at least he has his priorities in order...Protect the head first, then the wee-wee.

"Mommy, my hiney is a hamburger!" At least he didn't compare a certain other part to a hot dog...

I could go on and on, but you get the point.  My little motormouth...He certainly keep us on our toes and laughing all day long.

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