August 18, 2010

Preschool Time!

The kids started preschool this week!  Andrew started yesterday and Hannah started today.  He will go Tuesday through Friday and she will go Wednesdays & Thursdays (they both go from 9am-12noon).  They have both had a great time and no problems adjusting to getting back in the preschool routine.  I know Chris is happy having six hours a week all alone.  Its a lot of work parenting a 4-yr old and a 2-yr old, as everyone knows.   Andrew doesn't share a lot about school, but he did tell Chris that he got in trouble for talking.  I'm shocked.  Really.  Never thought my little motormouth might actually need to be asked to be quiet while the teacher is talking.  I mean, the kid never shuts up loves to tell everyone all about everything he is or ever has been interested in.  The teacher said he had a fabulous day, so I don't think he actually got "in trouble" but I totally believe they had to ask him to be quiet. 
Hannah had a ball, of course.  The girl has fun anywhere, as long as she is getting to do something she deems to be fun and is getting lots of attention.  Both of these criteria are met at preschool.  I mean, honestly, we could have tried to sign up Andrew for the state-funded preschool, but this little Methodist church has the BEST teachers and the BEST program.  Andrew can count to 20 in English and Spanish, and knows all his colors in English and Spanish as well...Hannah loves the kids, the teachers, the whole thing...Its just an ideal place for them.  We are big believers in their preschool program.
P.S.  Day 3 of Kelly's jury duty.  OHMYGOODNESS.  Had to email/call about 7 parents, I think.  Hopefully that will help the craziness.  Two more days until the week is over.  I think I can, I think I can...

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The Dilbeck Family said...

Glad the kids are having a great time in school and are off to a great start!

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