January 1, 2013

Counting my Blessings

New Year's Day...Normally by now I'd be making a long list of things I'd like to change about myself in the upcoming year, and after about a week I would give up and it would all be over.  As I posted a couple of days ago, this year I don't plan to make a lot of promises I'll never keep, but I plan to spend a few moments every day counting my blessings and actually writing it down (or, to be more accurate, typing it out) here on this blog. 

Today's blessing is just the ability to be here in Alabama with Chris' family celebrating a late Christmas and bringing in the New Year with people who love us.  Watching Andrew and Hannah play with their cousins and enjoy them so intensely...it's priceless.  I sometimes wish we lived closer to them, but to be honest, I think the distance makes the time spent with them so much more precious and much more enjoyable. 

I love that Andrew & Hannah enjoy bathroom humor as much as their mom and dad do...The word "underwear" has brought an abundance of giggles today.  It's quite funny. :)  It's been a low-key, lazy day due to all the rain here, but really...this is exactly my kind of day.  I am one happy girl!

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