December 3, 2011

Back in the Swing of Things!

Watch out.  This cleaning bug is NO JOKE.
Well, we survived the great plague of 2011!

Everyone is FINALLY back to full health and doing great.  Thank you, God.

It was a crazy week at school (for teachers, anyway).  I found myself asking, "Is it Friday yet?" on Monday afternoon.  NOT a good sign.  I usually can make it until at least Wednesday afternoon before that question crosses my mind.  The students are acting like Christmas is tomorrow, and we still have two more weeks until Christmas Winter Break.  Sigh.  I suppose we'll make it. :)

Andrew and Hannah are doing great...This is the first year I think both of them really "get" what Christmas is, and its magical seeing them get into it. Hannah has been singing, "Happy Birthday, Jesus" and Andrew keeps talking about baby Jesus.  So cute.  They love seeing the lights and decorations everywhere (not at our house...yet...but everywhere else).  Of course, they're all about Santa, too, and can't wait to see what Santa brings them.  They both have WAY too much on their "lists" but oh well.  Someone probably needs to explain the economy to them and help them see that even Santa is going to have to cut back this year.  Oh well.

Andrew is spending the weekend with Chris' dad and stepmom and they are taking him this afternoon to see the Grinch at the Fox Theater.  He will have a blast, I know it.  Hannah is really enjoying being the only child this weekend, that's for sure!  Its nice...She's a great helper, which is awesome since I've been bitten by the cleaning bug.  Last week we noticed the dryer was taking way longer to dry our clothes, so this morning I crawled behind it, noticed the hose had come loose, so I reattached it and ended up scrubbing the floor while I was back there.  Who knew it could get so NASTY underneath a major appliance??  Grody.  So anyway, that started me thinking about how much ELSE there was to clean.  (Face it, after being so sick and then traveling to TN, the house was not in pristine condition...not that it ever is!)  I've moved furniture and swept the den, then swept and mopped the kitchen floor.  I'm currently waiting for it to dry so I can move on to other rooms.  (If I dare try to tiptoe across it, Hannah will follow me and I'm afraid she'll slip and fall  Hey, that's my excuse story and I'm sticking to it.)

Dang, I just noticed the floor is pretty much dry.  Off to clean more rooms!  Somebody take my temperature...I must be ill again.

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