March 1, 2011

Reasons I love my husband

1.)  Rock Paper Scissors.
I love that we settle most of our disagreements with rock paper scissors.  I especially love that my hubby *never* wins.  Whether we're playing over who has to get their butts out of bed to let the dog out at the end of the night or who gets to change a stinky diaper, Rock Paper Scissors is always the go-to method for deciding who wins and who loses.  And I always win.

2.)  Crazy Nicknames.
Whether he's calling me Mean-Rude (long story), Baby Anna, or just Mama, I love that he has these sweet, funny nicknames for me.  Our relationship is still one of a deep friendship first and foremost, and he's not *just* "Daddy" to me.  He's my best friend and my Baby Chris.

3.)  Daddy Day Care.
I *love* that he is a stay-at-home dad...that he is even remotely willing to be a SAHD overwhelms me.  I have stayed home with the kids and its just not for me.  Its not for him, either, but his love and dedication to his kids has led us to this place.  It is so important to him to have one of us home with the boogers, and the fact that he is willing to be the one to be here at home with them...its just incredible.  He is so loving and caring with the kids, and seeing the way they love him *completely* melts my heart.  I respect and love him so very much, and I feel so deeply blessed that I married such a man.

There are so many more reasons I love this man, but I must say these are the top three.  I am one lucky lady.


Lynette said...

Your right, Chris is a gem...but that is because he has been polished for years by you.
I know that Denea still tears up remembering when you two wed. Because on that day her two role models were joining to create a whole new unit.

Anna said... made my heart happy! I miss you girls. Please pass along my love to Denea!

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