February 23, 2011

That's What She Said.

Oh my gosh.  If I had a dollar for every time I've heard (or said) that phrase in the past few days, I would have PLENTY of money to go blow at Kohl's.  (Kohl's is my own personal Disneyworld.)  Seriously, my brothers-in-law are hilarious, but Jason has had me laughing more this week than I have laughed in a long, long time.  Man, I love to laugh...

So, anyway, Myrtle Beach is great so far!  We haven't done a *ton* of running around, but we have sure had a lot of fun.  We got here @ 6 pm on Sunday night, so we basically just hung out, got settled, then put the kids to bed.  We watched a little TV, talked to Jason & Lesley (Chris' brother and wife), played with Reese (their 1-yr-old son) for a bit then hit the sack ourselves.  Jane & Wayne (Chris' parents, aka Mamaw & Papaw) are not staying here with us...They drove their camper down so they are staying at a local campground which is really nice.

Since it was all a bit new to Andrew (and Chris was snoring), I slept in the twin bed next to Andrew in his room.  Chris slept in our room near the pack-n-play which held Hannah.  I did not sleep well, being that it was the first time I'd been in a twin bed in I-don't-know-how-long, so Monday was long and tiring.  We went out to the lake (pond?) here at the condo complex to feed the ducks, geese, and swans, which the kids loved.  The kids and I went to the playground, Chris, Jason & Wayne went to the tennis courts to play for a bit, then it was time for lunch and naps.  Woot!

After naps, we all went to Jane & Wayne's campground to visit their indoor pool.  The kids LOVED it.  I *so* need to get them swimming lessons this summer so I can not be as worried while they are splashing and enjoying the water so much.  After wearing ourselves out swimming, we drove around and checked out the strip.  We have seen (not gone in, but seen) all kinds of interesting places...Dirty Dick's, The Gay Dolphin, Captain Poo's, Big A$$ Sandwich Station, Suck Bang Blow (this is apparently a biker bar...nice.), and The Beaver Bar.  We were told Myrtle Beach was a family-friendly place, but I'm not so sure!  (Just kidding!)  That night, after the kids were in bed, we all stayed up to play Give & Take (one of our favorite card games), and we laughed more than we actually played, I think.  I swear we broke the record for the number of times a person could actually say "that's what she said" in a couple of hours' time.

On Tuesday, we drove around some more and ate at a great little out-of-the-way place -- just us and Mamaw.  It was a beautiful day so afterwards we went to play on the playground at Jane & Wayne's campground. The kids had a ball and, once again, wore themselves out!  Naptime was nearing, so Chris took the kids back to the condo and I took Jane & Wayne to Kohl's for their first.ever.visit.  It was awesome.  I racked up on summer clothes for Hannah, a couple of last-minute birthday gifts for Andrew, and a couple of things for myself.  Jane racked up as well and is now just as enamored with Kohl's as I am!  Yay!  A convert!
Today we went to a local zoo...just me, Chris, and the kids...and we had a great time.  Uncle Timmy (Chris' brother) arrived late this afternoon, just as we were pulling up, so Andrew is beside himself with joy.  Uncle Timmy is great at fighting and playing with Andrew, so he loves him to death.  It was hard, but we finally got the kids down for a nap.  Now Chris & the guys are out on the town at an awesome place called The Beaver Bar.  I am worried they may not make it home. :)

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