January 4, 2011


So today is (was) my last day of Christmas vacation!  We arrived home from Nashville yesterday after a record 4.5 hrs.  I think that was the fastest trip we've ever made!  We didn't stop but once, though, and that was just a potty/gas fill-up stop.  We didn't stop to eat (had snacks in the car) and thanks to HOV lanes, we got through Atlanta in record time.  Nice.  We were all SO glad to be home, especially Andrew, whose fever had shot back up and was ready for more Ibuprofen by the time we arrived.  Poor kiddo.

Today has just been a day of hanging around, doing laundry, unpacking/organizing, etc.  Chris took Andrew grocery shopping (I stayed home with Hannah) and when they got back Andrew was beside himself with excitement.  It seems he couldn't wait to tell me how Daddy had bought me my "favowite vampirates movie."  Yep, since I hadn't gotten Eclipse for Christmas from anyone, he found (and, of course, used) an $8 off coupon to buy it for me.  Its the 2-disc set with the bonus "Destination Forks" DVD.  Heehee!  Is it bedtime yet?  I can't wait to watch it!

Tomorrow I head back to school to begin a brand new semester!  I'm a huge dork, I know, but I get so excited about brand-new calendars and all the "fresh start" stuff that comes with the beginning of a new year.  Tomorrow is a teacher's work day (meaning I will be sitting in meetings most of the day), and the students return on Thursday.  (A & H also return to preschool on Thursday!  Woot!)  I know I am not the only one who is excited about getting back into a routine.  We have had a fabulous time together over the past two and a half weeks, but its always good to have that routine.  Chris does such a good job of running things while I work and I know it drives him crazy when I am here to screw it all up.  While he loves not having to do ALL the work, I know its probably easier when I am not here.

So anyway...I'm now counting down the hours until the routine starts up again and hoping for only good things to come now that 2011 is officially underway for our family!

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