October 2, 2010


Not me. Not my house.  But close.
I'll admit...I am a paradox.  Some may use the term "bipolar," but whatever...I often go on tangents about how I'd like to throw out/sell/burn about 80% of what we own, but then I have days like today, when we go to the Locust Grove city-wide yard sale and I can't resist buying more, more, more!  Ugh.  I mean, heck yes, its a great deal and the kids LOVE getting new (to them) toys to play with, and we love saving money by avoiding retail prices.  HOWEVER...we have way too much crap.  The kids' toys are taking over the house.  Again.  Every few months I go to Wal-Mart and buy a few more of the XL storage tubs.  Then I wait until the kids are out of the house, and I go through each room packing up the toys that are getting no attention and taking up space.  We have a storage shed in the backyard and I promise you, I think there are about 10-12 huge bins full of toys that never got played with so they got stuck in the shed.  Chris actually went out there and went "Christmas shopping."  Yep, we are gonna wrap 'em up and give them to them for Christmas.  Parents of the Year!!  But you know what??  They haven't missed these toys or even noticed they were gone ONCE, so they will be excited about them, as if they are brand new.  So whatever.  Judge all you want, but that's how its gonna be.

I'd love to spend a day or two in a "clean room." 
So anyway...I'm sure I will heading to Wal-Mart sometime this week to buy yet another 3-4 storage tubs to prepare for my next cleaning/organizing tangent.  For now, though, my kids can rest easy, knowing that no toys will disappear too soon, and play happily in the miniature Toys-R-Us that is our home.

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