July 25, 2010

Because I Said So!

Its been a day full of questions...Andrew (4 yrs old) is what you might call a motormouth.  From the time he wakes up to the moment he falls asleep at night, there's nothing but NONSTOP talking, questioning, commentating coming from him...exhausting!  I mean, yes, it is very cute sometimes but sometimes, after hearing the question, "WHY?" about 50 times, I am ready to just say "because I said so!"

For example, tonight he was playing a video game with his daddy (Chronicles of Narnia) and was excited about it.  As we were rocking and singing, getting him ready for bed, he asks me why the White Witch is a "bad girl."  The conversation goes a little like this:

Andrew:  Why is the bad witch so bad?
Me:  I don't know baby.
A:  Why is she bad, mommy?
Me:  I guess she just likes doing bad things.
A:  Why does she like doing bad things?
Me:  I guess she hung out with the wrong crowd when she was younger.
A:  Huh?  Why did she do that?
Me:  Well, I guess she doesn't know Jesus because if she knew Him and how much He loves her she would want to do good things and be nice to people because it makes Him so happy!
A:  Yep, I think she just needs Jesus.

It took everything I had not to cry from the sweet innocence of it all.  Obviously not all of our "why, mommy, why?" conversations go like this, but instead of saying, "because I said so!"  and wishing it away, I want to make more of an effort to help him satisfy his curiousity, sit down and figure something out with him, maybe go look it up on the computer or in a book...I want to enjoy every minute of this stage, not just blow it off for something less important like dishes, laundry, or Facebook.  He is way too important, and one of these days he won't care what mom thinks and he'll just KNOW that he knows more/better than me, so for now, I'm just going to enjoy my little man who still loves me and thinks I'm "the best girl in the world."

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